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New energy meters types

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New energy meters types

The launch of 5 new models makes LOVATO Electric's range of energy meters even wider and more complete.

To the available range of models designed for direct measurement or by current transformers, the company has added new models for measuring 40A single-phase power with a single 17.5 module, and 80A three-phase power with 4 modules.

Both versions have an RS485 or M-Bus port for remote reading.

The units offer multiple readings, and thus enable the user to monitor a variety of electrical parameters in addition to active and reactive power. One valuable addition is the hour counter which is activated when a configurable threshold is exceeded, for instance power or current.
The three-phase versions can measure the energy of each phase independently as an alternative to using three single-phase meters, which also offers significant cost benefits.

The DME D111 MID7 and DME D301 MID7 models are primarily designed for use on electric vehicle charging stations.
Designed for use in applications with challenging thermal conditions, they cover a temperature range of -25 to +70°C, and can thus be installed inside electric vehicle charging stations even when exposed to very intense sunlight.
They have a compact design and DIN rail compatible housings, with one 17.5 DIN module for the single-phase direct insertion DME D111 MID7 unit up to 40A, and 4 DIN modules for the three-phase direct insertion DME D301 MID7 unit up to 80A.

DME D units are also available in MID certified versions. This certification guarantees precise, reliable measurement and allows the units to be used for all applications with a fiduciary requirement and commercial transactions (such as invoicing) within the EU.
Furthermore, the availability of tamperproof accessories makes the installation secure and protects against fraud.

All LOVATO Electric energy meters are compatible with the Synergy, Synergy Cloud and Xpress programming and monitoring software.
Users can use a normal web browser to configure their devices, monitor electrical parameters and display and export power consumption data for reporting.
For applications with multiple metering points, the LOVATO Electric EXC GL A01 gateway data-logger offers access to a multipoint web server for monitoring and integrating up to 31 devices.

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